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Native Canines is available to do film and still work. We just finished a music video "Best Friends" starring Ememin, "Marshall Mathers" , YelaWolf and our "Meigunn" also known as Mikey, as you can see we did a variety of different sets at different locations. We also do still work. We can showcase your talent, people take notice if there is a wolf in the shot even if it is just a background shot, we are happy to do this type of work as well. nc-2015-0105-meigunn2.jpgmigwans-film2
Mikey and Migwans our wolf dogs, They look like wolves but are dogs. We are also expecting a litter this year, so if you are wanting to use wolf puppies in a project we can do that as well. Our dogs are able to do work that is difficult or impossible to do with a wolf, Our Male is 100 % recall so he is safe and able to do off lead work, so there are no fencing or leads to spoil the shot. Since they are dogs, they are "legal" to be where ever a dog is legal, no extra liability expenses. Mikey LOVES the camera! kwa-film1
Kwa is our Shiloh Shepherd. He looks like a huge teddy bear of a dog, he can look both sweet and cuddly. He is excellent with children and very big and ferocious depending on what you are looking for he can fit a wide variety of roles. pasha-film3
Pasha is our Cairn Terrier Mix. This girl has attitude, She loves to ride Harley's, quads, you name it she is good to go. She also can be very cute and funny but when asked she puts on her killer face and is not afraid of anything. She can do a variety of roles. She loves to dress up. Some of our completed works include:
Our Film Gallery
Mikey & Migwan's Gallery
Kwa's Gallery
Pasha's Gallery
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