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Shiloh Shepherds are a giant breed of shepherd, they are not just a large German Shepherds, they are taller, longer legged, shorter ears and nose, They are a bigger boned, straight backed shepherd. They have a calm, intelligent, intuitive, sweet nature, with low drive. Most Shilohs have a medium to medium-soft temperament. Shilohs make excellent guard dogs, at the same time they are excellent with children and other pets. Shilohs can do almost any job you would want them to do. They train very fast and are very willing to work. Shilohs are not yet registered with any national registry like AKC or UKC, however, they do have their own registries ISSR, TSSR and others. They follow very strict guidelines for breeding and all dogs used in breeding have had extensive health testing, much more strict then AKC or UKC requirements. Shilohs come in all shades of sable, bi-black colors, black, and white. They come in both long (plush) and short (smooth) coats. The long coats do not shed more, as the fur gets trapped in the coat so it is not all over floor, they do, however, need to be brushed more often, than the shorter coats. We only offer stud service now to approved Shiloh Females.
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