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The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, is a relatively new dog breed that traces its original lineage to 1955. The following are "MUST HAVES" in order to be a Native Canine's Vlcak owner:
  • You must own your own home
  • You have to live outside of a city limit
  • You must know your state, county or township laws concerning wolf dog ownership. Vlcaks are dogs but some states , township, and cities consider them under the wolf hybrid laws. we hope to gets these revoked in the coming years but for now we are abiding by them. Please check all Laws before considering a Vlcak.
  • You must have a fenced yard or live in a very rural area.
  • We do not place Vlcaks with people with very young children, they are not aggressive or predatory, but they can be rough and many dogs are quite mouthy. We don't feel you need to deal with a rough Vlcak and a young child at the same time. Having a Vlcak is like having a small child . Vlcaks are a full time job.
  • Vlcaks can be aggressive with same sex dogs, So we will not place Vlcaks in a home with other intact dogs or homes with many dogs.
  • We feed a Raw diet and prefer homes that can feed raw. it is not mandatory but we do require you to feed a high quality kibble free from Rosemary extract. and feed a raw meat snack once a day if you cannot feed raw. We also raise our dogs as "natural as possible" meaning very limited vaccines and very limited medications. Please seeĀ NaturalRearing.com and Mercola.com, Dr Becker for more info. We are also on several yahoo groups for natural pet health and Raw paws for Raw diet.
  • Vlcaks need a job to do. So you need to do some kind of activity with the Vlcak.
  • Vlcaks can be Very Destructive, you need to be prepared.
  • Most Vlcaks hate to be separated from anyone in the pack. Human or animal. they will take extreme measures to get back their human or other pack member. You need to be prepared for this.
  • Vlcaks are difficult to rehome, Please remember when you get any animal it is for a lifetime, this animal will be with you for the next 12 to 15 years. We will place our puppies with this in mind, we want a placement that will last a life time.
  • If you are turned down for a puppy Please do not take it as an insult, with this new breed we want to make sure they get off to the best start possible you must meet all our criteria for placement, if you are turned down it does not mean we do not think you are not a good puppy mommy or daddy, you just might not be a good fit at this time. this is based on what we know our puppies will require for a life time. every litter may be different.
Native Canines thanks you for your interest.
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