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Vlcaks are not your average dog. They are a breed of dog that was bred to be a utilitarian, multi-purpose dog capable of doing every job but nothing perfectly. Unlike other breeds of dogs, it was not developed for a specific purpose. nc-2015-0105-meigunn.jpgVlcaks, like all animals, are unique; each with its own personality, temperament and quirks. They will not grow to suit the way you live. You will have to grow to suit your Vlcak. Vlcaks are very loyal, affectionate, willing to please, love to be in the middle of whatever you are doing, they thrive on structure, dislike change, are aloof with strangers, they love to be with their human pack and hate to be separated from them, and they do best when they have a job to do. Vlcaks are very energetic. Puppies seem to have limitless reserves of energy; they are little 'devils' tearing up their beds, toys, playing rough, and biting everything in site. Adults will play rough, run, and enjoy a good wrestle well into old age. The typical walk around the block or letting it out in the "backyard" will not tire a Vlcak. Extensive amounts of exercise/play romp time combined with mental stimulation work best to sufficiently tire a Vlcak. Some Vlcaks may be hard to housebreak. Some adult males may continue to mark, not pee, in the house if you have another male dog in the household this can happen even if both males are neutered. Vlcaks are very reactionary. Because of the recent linage to the wolf, they have very finely tuned hearing, eyesight and sense of smell, This leads Vlacks to react to stimuli that most dogs would not. They are very sensitive to their surrounding and react to it. For the same reason they are also very intelligent. They will learn how to open gates, doors, and refrigerators. They study what you are doing and how you do it. A natural reaction to this is destructive behavior, they like to tear things apart to see what's under, find out what is making the noise, etc... boredom and separation from anyone in the pack can also cause destructive behavior. Vlcaks are excellent escape artists. A typical kennel purchased at one of the big box stores will not hold a Vlcak for long. They need a "jail type" structure with thick gauge fencing, cement or fenced flooring and roof that a human cannot escape from. This same type of intelligence also is responsible for a Vlcak's discernment on wanting/willing to do certain repetitive tasks. Vlcaks have to think they want to do what you want them to do. Therefore, Vlcaks may not do well with typical obedience style training due to its repetitive nature. Vlcaks can get along with children, dogs, cats and other animals "IF" they are introduced while young and they have the time to work out a relationship with that child or animal. A Vlcak that loves children and cats does not mean they will love "all children" or cats or other animals. That same discernment will come into play and your Vlcak may not like certain people and animals, do not force them with people and animals they do not like. nc-2015-0105-meigunn3.jpgVlcaks need extensive amounts of socialization. They need to be exposed to every type of stimuli you expect them to experience as adults. They need to be in the middle of everything so they get desensitized to everyday household living. This must include daily trips alone with you, no other dogs allowed. If another dog is present, even a puppy, they will tend to depend on the other dog. Trips to all types of places works best as Vlcaks will grow used to going to one or two places and still be apprehensive when they go to an unknown place. These types of trips need to be kept up for approximately 2 1/2 years. Even with this type of socialization, some Vlcaks will still prefer to not be out in public, you will not change this, you will have to adapt, maybe limit your outings to nature hiking type trips with this type of Vlcak. Typically Vlcaks are a very healthy breed of dog for the most part. Vlcak breeders have been doing health testing since the breed's inception. This is almost unheard for a breed of dog. They are known for natural whelping and healthy robust pups. Vlcaks do carry a risk for degenerative myelopathy, pituitary dwarfism, and hip dysplasia. Health testing is an important part of Breeding and Owning a Vlcak.
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