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Native Canines 
Breeding Czechoslovakian Vlcaks
Czechoslovakian Vlcak information

What makes CSV more challenging for most households? CSV as young puppies are very active, picture an animal that is hyper active. who is also extremly mouthy. You and everyone in the house hold will have bite marks and or bruises. In some puppies this lasts for year or longer. No it cannot be comepletly trained out. In some individual's this behavior resurfaces thoughout the CSVs lifespane when ever the animal is stressed, for instance if the CSV is used to you being home at a certain time and you are several hours late.   This small amount of change may stress CSV enough for some to regress to earlier behaviors.  Some act out be mouthing/nipping causing bruises and or bite marks for a short time before they settle. CSV puppies train very quickly and easily, but the behavior learned may not alway


 FCI Czechoslovakian Standard 
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 Vlcak Puppy socialization

article courtesy of the KCHCSV club

Vlcak Training and Education

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      Czechoslovakian Vlcak Breeding and mating  
article courtesy of Jindrich Jedlicka Kennel Seda Eminence
Czechoslovakian vlcak History and origin  article courtesy of Jindrich Jedlicka  Kennel  "Seda Eminence"
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