Frequently asked questions

We frequently hear the same questions repeated over and over again, we have included a few of them here.

  •  Are Vlcaks just like German Shepherd with a wolfy looking exterior?  No they are not at all like a GS in temperament.  Most CSV have very little drive so expecting a CSV to train like a GS with drive will most likey leave you disappointed,  Vlcaks are not like any other breed of dog.

  • I have owned an Alaskan malamute so I understand the primitive temperament of the vlcak?

       Alaskan Malamutes are not primitive in the same way a vlcak is. 


  • Do vlcaks make good guard dogs?   No they do not. Their maybe a few vlcaks that guard like a more traditional guardian type breed, but it's much more common for the breed to not be a good guard dog. They do not guard the way a traditional guardian breed of dog does.  When very young most vlcaks will run from perceived danger, at about 1  most will move to you when they feel a threat, at around 2 they may stand their ground and stare at 3 they may growl and stand their ground around 4 they may move on a perceived threat with a low growl and hair on end.  A few do react more like a GS and give a warning bark and low growl this is not common in the breed.   Someone could come in a take your TV and other possessions the vlcak will not care. Most will once mature protect their family but not in the way a GS or other guardian breed would. We feel someone wanting a dog for guarding preposes would be disappointed with most vlcaks.

  • Are vlcaks good at IPO / bite work? There are some vlcaks that will do well with IPO training but this is not very common,  most will not do as well as a traditional guarding breed.    As a primitive canine, they most often to not do well with this type of work. Many will find the iPO work to be boring and not willingly want to bite someone unless they feel the threat is real. many know the difference between training and real world.  We will not place a vlcak as a IPO dog , we may have  a vlcak that we feel is more suited to do this type of work but we would not place a puppy in a home if the sole purpose is to do IPO work.  Even a well suited more GS like vlcak may not have the work ethic and be on point the way another guardian breed would be. 

  • Are Czechoslovakian Vlcaks wolf hybrids?    No. All vlcaks that are being bred today are at least in the 9th or more generation away from the wolf, No wolves, wolfdogs and or other breeds of dogs, are being bred in the breed. Our stud books have been closed for a long time. Vlcaks are a dog, they may have a wolflike look but anyone that is familiar with vlcaks can pick them out in a second from both American wolfdogs and other breeds of wolfdogs such as the Saaroloos. Vlcaks have been bred with military-like precision since the beginning of the breed.  All dogs where handpicked, health evaluated and temperament tested, records kept of every dog, since the beginning of the breed, this level of extreme attention to detail is not common in any other breed of dog. Every Vlcak can trace it heritage back to the original crossings.  

  • Can I trust my Czechoslovakian off-leash? Each Vlcak is unique so I am sure there are exceptions, but a well-trained vlcak should do well off-leash in a controlled environment we would never suggest you let your vlcak run free, that will not end well.   Most trained vlcaks will stay with the human-provided have put in the work training recall and have a strong bond with your vlcak.

  • Are vlcaks vicious like wolves are?  While we don't understand where this comes from? We are asked this question all the time.  It is a common misconception that wolves are mean vicious animals. Wolves do have a prey drive and kill to eat not to be mean.  It is very uncommon for any wild canine to kill more than it can eat at one time. It does happen but they are a very rare occurrence, The Vlcak is not a wolf , they do have a prey drive but not more so then many other breeds, They are affectionate loyal canines, we find them to be very balanced more so then many breeds of dogs  if raised with understanding, training guidance and love,  

  • In what activity do vlcaks excel at? Scent work.  Scent work of all types.  The superior nose 'olfactory system' of the vlcak is well suited to do very well in any scent work venue, however, vlcaks, for the most part, do not have the work ethic that other breeds do. Even when they are doing something they enjoy they often get bored sooner than your average dog so you will need to understand and work within the confines of how the Vlcak is feeling on a given day. Each Vlcak is unique some may excel at other doggy sports depending on the individual dog. We would encourage you to try different activities with your dog to see what the two of you enjoy doing together and build on that,


  • We believe that a motivated Vlcak that enjoys what it is doing can out profrom most any other canine.