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Cinderella Lucky of Lukava - 12/11/12 - 4/25/2022 CMKU/CSV/3514/12

aka Migwans  'Feather' in our Native American language

Cinderella Lucky of Lukava was euthanized April 25  2022.

Miggy received a severe injury to her spine.

We were informed by the emergency vet that she would never walk again. We didn't believe or want to believe him. We purchased a wheelchair and tried all types of therapy to help her recover. She did rally and seemed to come around for a short time. It didn't last. She became very depressed, and refused to use the wheelchair.  Normally a very food motivated girl she wasn't interested to eat. Looking into her eyes we knew she was giving up. We made the very hard desision to end her suffering and let her cross over. 

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