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Native Canines 
Breeding Czechoslovkaian Vlciaks

Puppy List
Interested in a Czechoslovakian Vlciak Puppy?
    Please read this page before you contact us about a puppy


  We have a very thorough Vetting process to get placed on our puppy list,

 We screen each of our potential puppy owners to ensure that you are the right fit for one of our Vlcaks

 We feel that each puppy should be placed into the right home,

 We do not just sell puppies, So please do not contact us just to ask about pricing on our puppies.

 We strive to place each puppy into a home where we feel the puppy will thrive,

 We plan to work closely with each and every puppy placement for the life of the puppy.

 We want to know how each puppy is doing through each milestone and beyond if we do not get this crucial information we can not accurately access how our breeding program is progressing.

 We want to be the first point of contact with any issues you are having with your puppy.

 We want to help. Staying in contact and helping new puppy owners if they need help we feel is just as important as the first few weeks.

  We would like anyone interested in one of our vlcaks to meet and get to know at least one in person.  If you are unable to find a csv near you, please contact us for help. 

  We ask that you do as much research as you can find on the breed and read through our website, including living with a vlcak to make yourselves knowledgeable about the breed,  us, and our dogs.

  If after you have accomplished this and you still feel you are a good fit for one of our puppies, 

  Please send us an email at and tell us about yourself and why you feel you are a good fit for one of our dogs.

  We will also ask you at some point to send in a photocopy of your current Driver's lic.

  Why? We have had many people contact us using fake names and or using false address's 

  We feel if you are not able to trust us with a photocopy of your driver's lic.   Then you do not trust us enough to own one of our puppies.

  Remember we plan on having a close relationship with all our prospective puppy owners,

 we want to start off in the right manner.

  After you have answered questions and the conversation is moving in the right direction we will move to a phone conversation. 

  You are welcome to call or email, first if you are just wanting to ask or learn more about the breed.

  If we feel you are a good fit to be put on a list for one of our litters we will have you also talk to each of the owners of the females, They also wish to ensure their puppies are going to a home that is a good fit.

   With that in mind, we feel the best placement for one of our puppies is in a home where the new puppy can receive the attention we feel a new CSV puppy deserves.  

   You will be screened twice, We have an agreement with on all of our litters that both parties have to agree with the placement of a puppy.

  If one of us does not agree the home is the right fit for one of our puppies the puppy will not be placed in that home.

  This ensures both the sire's owner and the dam's owner feel you are a good fit. It also means when or if you ever have a problem with your vlcak you will have more than one option to call.

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