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Native Canines 
Breeding Czechoslovkian Vlcaks


All of our Vlcaks are imported from the Czech Republic and are out of Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club "KCHCSV" breeding committee-approved litters 
Our Vlcaks are "House Companions" living and traveling with us for pleasure and work                                       Both are Animal Actors working in the film industry.
                                                  CH. Buddha z Postupickeho Podlesi           
12/05/2012  CMKU/CSV/3436/12   aka  "Meigunn" Means  "wolf'" in our Native American language.

    Meigunn  Is the Number one dog 'all Breeds UKC World Wide for 2022!

      Our Beautiful outgoing Show stopper, 

He has an impressive 25 BIS Wins. and 6 Reserve BIS wins.

Meigunn is the First CSV in History to go BIS times 2  in AKC Open 

  He has placed 1st in the UKC top 10  2019 2018 2017 2014 and 2nd place 2016, 2013, and 3rd place 2015,   Meigunn placed first in  UKC top 10 finals  2013,2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 We took a break from showing in 2020 and 2021 due to human injuries, Meigunn attended the 2022 UKC Premier after not attending a show for 2 years and went Best in Show and Best of the Best Making him the First CSV to Win a best in show at the UKC and the First CSV to Win the Best of the Best show held at the UKC Premier making him the Top Dog All Breeds for 2022!!

  See the accomplishments page to see what he has been up to. We don't list everything he does, He is much too busy for that.

   He is known for his outstanding temperament and easy-going nature. He is a very self-assured canine He knows and understands he is a star and expects star treatment.


AKC FSS no.WS49163801 UKC no. P727454
Click here for pedigree

Pictured here at 9 weeks with breed 

co-founder Ing Karl Hartl

 Sire  -  Czambor vlci z Vlciho dubu

 Dam  -  Xitta z Molu Es

JR CH of Poland     Veteran CH of Poland

CH Poland,    Poland Club winner 2013, 2014

CH of Czech Republic,   CH of Hungaria

CH of Serbia,   CH of Romania

CH of Ukraine, 

Veteran World Dog Show winner 'Moscow" 2016

VEW Veteran Eruopean winner Kiev 2017


International CH. of C.I.B.

 C.I.E. WDS Salzburg 2012 CHK3


                            Meigunns   Health Testing


               HIPS:   OFA GOOD CW-18G24M-VPI

              ELBOWS: OFA NORMAL CW-EL23M24-VPI

              HEART:  OFA NORMAL  Cardiologist CW-CA4/49M/C-VPI

              DM: OFA NORMAL CW-DM45/25M-VPI

              EYES:   OFA NORMAL CW-EYE10/39M-VPI 2018



              CHIC DNA REPOSITORY: CW-DNA-21/S#112288

Bax od Sestaku   11/23/2017  cmku/csv/5184/17

 Bax od Sestaku is now retired from film and shows. He was not well suited for either. We tried for years hoping he would grow to enjoy these types of activities. Sadly it was clear we were expecting him to behave and do activities he did not enjoy. Leaving him at home was not a solution. Being a pack animal getting left out of 'pack ' activities was very stressful for him.
This is typical for a vlcak. Some are not suited for or interested in doing activities we would like them to.  We made the very difficult decision to do what's best for him. "not us" its very hard letting our cuddly bear go live a distance away even though he is with family and we see him often it's still very very difficult but we felt it necessary to give him the life free from stress that he deserves.   
He is living the easy life of laying around the house with our daughter and on occasion out for adventure in the wilderness.
  Because he has matured and is a very balanced, calm and happy dog. We have decided to keep him intact for select females with balanced outgoing temperments.


AKC FSS no.WS61642301      UKC no.P860-667

Sire - Baxter Vlci tlapka

CAC , CKS BOB Specialty Club winner 2015

Dam - Lucky Star Kuklik

Click here for Pedigree

                      Health tests

OFA Chic Database no. CW-DNA 33/S

PENN -HIP  90th Percentile - Excellent 

OFA Hip - Good

OFA Elbow - Normal

OFA Eye-Normal CW-EYE-24/20M-VPI

OFA Heart-Normal

OFA DM  Carrier

DW Free due to Parentage

OFA Dentation- Normal Full Dentation

Lord of Shadow Z Molu Es  AKA Niikonea 
      April 30 2019 - September 18 2023  

Our 4 year old baby,

Was euthanized with the whole family in attendance on September 18 2023.

He no longer recognized us.  He would attack machinery as it it were prey,  was unable to eat or drink. The day we made the 'Very difficult decision"  he just stood with his tail between his legs and whimpered.  We are not sure what caused the Brain tumor. It came on and progressed very quickly.

He had just filmed a music video the week before and was excellent and on point for the entire shoot.

  He loved working, training or anything he was able to do with humans.  He was all in more so than any other CSV we have had. Sweet,  intelligent, canine who loves all humans, especially children. He was very solid when out in public nothing seems to faze him. 

Here he is pictured with his and our friend the CSV Breed Founder Mr Ing Karl Hartl. It is with his blessing that we now have the honor of living with this beautiful boy.

He will for ever be a member of our family and missed by everyone more than we can express.

Our sweet Nika.


Sire   Garon z Blatnickych vinic


Dam    Fu Finka z Molu Es

Health tests

OFA CHIC Data base no.  

OFA Hipp  -  Excellent

OFA Elbow - Normal

OFA  Eye   -  Normal

OFA  Heart - Normal

OFA Dentation - Full

DM  Free

DW  Free

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